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Walker Valley Marching Band , Inc.

Parades-Performancees and New Members Welcome !!

Frequently asked questions & answers about joining the band ...

(1). How much does it cost to join ?

There is no fee to join .

(2). How old to you have to be to join ?

You must be at least 9 years old to join .

(3). How do I join ?

Come and meet the band !We practice every Tuesday night at the Walker Valley Fire House from 6:30 pm- 8:30 pm . a packet of membership information will be given to you by one of our board members.Return your permission slip and you are in !

(4). Do I have to make every Practice and Parade ?

No, but you are expected to attend 66% of all practices and events to maintain your active membership to be eligible for your band scholarship upon high school graduation.

(5). What If I decide that I don't like the band after I have joined ?

A member may resign at any time. All resignations from the band must be submitted in writing and all the band equipment must be returned .If you change your mind and wish to re-join ,you may do so one time .

(6). How do I find out about Parades,events & Fundraisers?

Annoucements are made at each band practice.Parade schedules are distributed to all members.Special mailing are sent home as nesessary. Also Events,Parades and Fundraisers will be posted on our website and updated as needed .Call around is done prior to all events to be sure everyone is aware of what the band is doing .

(7). Do I need to be able to play an Instrument or march before I join ?

No, we will teach you everything you need to know .

(8). Can parents stay during Pactice,Parades, Events and trips ?

Parents are always welcome and are encouraged to stay and or particapate !!

(9). Do you have rules?

Yes , All organizations have rules and guidlines that all members must follow. You will be given a copy of the band rules. Your behavior is a reflectionon yourself,Your family and your organization.Proper behavior is expected at all times.

(10). Is it hard to march in Parades ?

It's a new experience but we will teach what you need to know. Like anything new ,It gets easier with practice.Most members will start on banner or Color Guard. When you have learned to play your instrument , you can march and play an instrument at the same time .

(11). What If I have question this page didn't answer?

Then , You may come to the Walker Valley Fire House any Monday night @ 6:30pm ,Someone will be happy to answer any questions you may have . Or you can write ,email or call us !

You can contact the following Board Members.....


Kevin Stevens -(845) 401-4411 cell

(Vice President)

Phyllis Laughman - (845) 313-5790 cell

(General Manager)

Tammy Stevens-(845) 800-3628 cell


JoAnn Barnes- (845) 820-1292 cell


( Music Director)

Fred Beckford- (917) 553-8076 cell

( Sgt Of Arm)

Heather Disimile- (570) 618-1107 cell