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Walker Valley Marching Band , Inc.

Parades-Performancees and New Members Welcome !!

Membership Rules & Information .......


Tuesday evenings from 6:30pm-8:30pm

special practices may be added, members will be notified during regular practices or by call around (telephone) of date and time .


6:30pm- attendance will be taken, anyone not present at this time will be considered TARTY or ABSENT .

6:35pm- Music director will give instructions, then get instruments and prepare for practice.

8:10pm- Break for beverages and instructions for parades or meetings will be given at this time .

8:20pm-Instruments and equipment will be put away.

8:30pm-Practice ends members should leave the fire house grounds at this time, Any member hose ride is late should notify one of the board members. And should not leave the grounds or take any unapproved ride.

New Members:

A. New members will spend time on both marching and practicing music as assigned by the music director at each practice.

B. Requirements for participation in a parade.

(1). Each new member must know All music before playing and musical instrument in a competition parade. At the music directors discression.

(2). Each new member must know the following marching skills-- able to do All turns, keep in step, and know all Color Guard calls.

(3). The Music Director will administer tests for proof of accomplishment in their section.

(4). Uniforms are earned when you have passed the marching tests.

Rules while at practice:

(A). If anyone other than a parent or guardian is picking up a member a note must be provided to the board member. If a member leaves and has no parental permission, referral will be made to The Board members for further actions .

(B). NO gum or candy allowed.

(C). NO band member is allowed to cross the street or leave the fire house grounds during practice.

(D). Your attention during practice is very important to everyone's learning . Behaviors such as unreasonable socializing, wrestling each other, running, teasing, shoving, fighting or any other distractions will be given a warning by the section Leaders, Captain or Board Member.

(E). Disrespect of any kind towards another member, adult assisting or board member WILL NOT Be TOLERATED.


(A). Parades will be announced the last 15 minutes of the practice before that parade, along with the expected meeting times and when the bus is leaving.

(1). Parade schedules will be provided in advance of the season by the General Manager.

(2). Call around will take place the evening before a parade. Members should indicate their attendance and any questions parents may have, any special instructions may be given at this time.

(B). Each MEMBER IS RESPONSIBLE for THEIR EQUIPMENT when loading and unloading of the bus is taking place. Bus duty will be assigned prior to parades. (Bus duty will be given to a member who will make sure equipment is loaded to fit in the bus compartment with out damaging bus or equipment .)

(C). Sections Leaders or Captains will check their sections for uniforms or equipment before leaving .

(D). Any member who forgets an artical of clothing of the uniform or equipment whether on the bus or at the fire house. Whether they march or carry water will be determined by a Board Member and Section Leader.

Parade Rules:

(A). Members shall not wear any nail polish, lipstick with color or any kind of eye makeup or blush . NO jewelry or sunglasses during parades or performances. (Leave articals at home) Long hair shall be pulled back and put up in a plain black goody type elastic .

(B). At the end of each parade no uniform or instruments will be placed on the ground or mistreated in any way. Flags must be treated with proper respect !

(C). There will be NO CANDY prior to parades NO GUM during parades. Gum may be chewed prior to and after parades. Section Leaders, Captains or a Board Member will do gum check prior to step off.

(D). Members shall make sure all parts of their uniform are in their bag neatly and put on the rack. Bag checks will be done periodically.


(A). NO aerosol, scented deodorant, perfumes, cologne, aftershave or hairspray.

(B). NO glass bottles.

(C). Each Member shall clean their seat before leaving the bus .

(D). NO passing notes on the bus or putting notes on the windows for other vehicles to read .

(E). NO throwing anything out of the bus windows, this includes food.

(F). Any rules imposed by the Bus Driver will be enforced.

(G). You must stay seated on the Bus at ALL times.


(A). NO inappropriate display of affection or physical contact is to be exhibited at practice, parades, performances and while on the Bus. This includes but is not limited to KISSING, HUGGING, PUSHING, POKING, WRESTLING or PICKING UP ANY MEMBER .


(C). NO SMOKING on the Bus, Fire house or while in uniform .


(E). NO talking back or disrespect to the Board Members or assisting parent .


(1). Verbal Warning

(2). Written warning and will be sent home to a parent or guardian for there signature.

(3). Will be suspended from practice, parades and any special events. This will be determined by the Board of Directors.